Why am I not stylish?

Due to the rise of famous instagrammers or fashion bloggers/youtubers it’s easy to believe you have no style or all of your clothes are boring. Things don’t change, there is always someone at school who’s such a great taste when it comes to fashion. To all teens reading : don’t feel pressured by the way you dress –  style is something which takes time to create. Nobody is born with style but everybody has to build it.
I included pictures of my old style for you to understand the versatility of style and how it evolves. Sadly I was only able to find these three… Hope you enjoy!
Mother of the bride dresses NZ


When I was much younger – around 11 years old, I had no style. Literally no style. Now that I think about it, at this age you’re not supposed to think about the way you dress. However some of my schoolmates were always so fashionable and I wanted to be as cool as them. Trust me, it was a complete fail.
I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is what is modern.
Karl Lagerfeld
At that time, I loved reading mangas and their clothing were inspiring me so much. With a friend we decided to dress like our favourite characters : lots of colours, skirts, high socks. Everything was influenced by Japanese fashion. Each time I remember it, I’m laughing so hard, but it was an amazing opportunity to build my personality. People were criticizing us out loud and that’s how you learn how not to give a fuck. Even now, it still has an impact on my life – I wear what I want to wear.



  1. OMG 🙂 I used to have an emo style when I was a teenager, but I loved it and I think I still do. But sometimes when I look at the pictures, I'm a bit ashamed. I loved to wear my skirt on top of my jeans… Haha!

    Thank you for sharing 😀

  2. Ohhh yes! I remember the emo style! It looks quite nice, especially the hairstyles.
    I also tried to dress like that but it was a big fail!
    Skirts on top of jeans? That's a concept! 😉


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