Where do I find great outfits’ inspiration?

I’m sure you know that disappointing feeling of sitting in front of your closet telling yourself you have nothing to wear : your only wish is to go outside in sweatpants. It can sound pretty tempting. However, just like Karl Lagerfeld once said :“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” Please be kind with Karl and listen to me. I’m here to help you overcome your fashionable troubles!
Whenever you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear and that your fashion senses have come close to zero, there is only one thing you need. INSPIRATION. Today I’m here to tell you how I come up with this precious called fashion inspiration.


The number one place where I find my inspiration : Pinterest. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a website/app where you pin pictures from everywhere into personal boards. You can check other people boards, follow them and pin their content as well.
I browse my feeds and pin outfits that are inspiring to me into different boards for each season. I have one for winter, spring, summer and fall. If you’d like to see what I pin and get inspired yourself, follow me @furiouslychic
The advantage of Pinterest is that you get tons of inspiration from many different sources quickly. Pinterest is usable everywhere. If you find a cute look on a blog, you can pin it. If you like that website, you can pin it.  If you like that picture on Instagram, you can pin it.

Examples of what I pin in my boards


Speaking of Instagram, I really enjoy following people that post a lot of outfits of the day. I’m not looking for the perfect picture that looks like it came from a magazine. Just normal people sharing what they wore today.
PaulineDress is an account I love : she is a blogger and posts various outfits. I feel like our style is somewhat similar that’s why I find her really inspiring (by the way, I also love the way she decorates her home, so pretty!). 

@PaulineDress on Instagram


Yes, I’m talking about lookbooks. 
I enjoy the creative looks of Sylvia (@beautycakez)! I really like her way of pairing things together like colours or textures and even though we have different styles she inspires me a lot. Plus she was one of the very first YouTuber I really followed a long time ago so I’m proud of seeing her evolution as time goes on. Side note : she wears sweatpants with style.

Another french YouTuber I really like is Sana (@sananas2106). She has an amazing style! She’s very feminine and funny, you should check her videos! You’ll also get a lots of ideas from her instagram account.



This is a quick tip, but inspiration is everywhere. Next time you are waiting at the train station, look at what people are wearing! Analyse them and see how they pair this with that! Waiting will become much more fun after this…


Yes! Blogs! That’s the platform I decided to use to inspire people and hopefully it includes you! Take a look at the outfits of bloggers. Honestly I have to admit that I’m not really into “too professional bloggers”. The pictures are so perfect that I can’t really apply their style to mine. Still, it’s a good way to see what’s up in the fashion world.


Now that you know where to find it, how do you use inspiration?
I have two ways. The first one is quite simple : I copy. I try to get as close to the look as possible with my own pieces and my own personality. It helps a lot in discovering new style and try things you wouldn’t have worn usually.
The second way is to look at what was paired together. It can be about the piece of clothing, the colours, the textures, the jewelry, etc… Then you try to build your outfit from these observations.
That’s it! I truly hope that you are now a “sweatpants-free person” and that you are so pumped about your outfit for tomorrow


  1. I love Pinterest and Instagram for inspo! I end up following so many people haha. And then every month or so I have to clean out my accounts. It's a love hate thing. 😉

  2. Je découvre tout juste pinterest que j'en deviens déjà accro ! C'est incroyable l'inspiration que ce site peut fournir ! Pour le reste, je trouve l'essentiel de mon inspiration grâce au #Outfitoftheday #OOTD sur IG ou sur les blogs, bien évidemment ! Ton article est génial !

  3. Super sympa cet article! Moi je pense m'inspirer de sites de vente en ligne lol En réalité, avant d'acheter un vêtement, je vois tout de suite les différentes options qui s'offrent a moi en fonction de ma garde robe. C'est clair que je devrais quand même faire plus attention à IG ou pinterest… Y'a certainement de super idées a reprendre !

  4. Je m'inspire également beaucoup sur pinterest et les autre blogs, surtout les étrangers, je trouve qu'ils ont une vision que nous n'avons pas forcement pour assortir certaines pièces ! Et instagram bien évidement ! Je suis également fan du compte de la belle Pauline !

    Bisous <3

  5. Oui ! Je n'avais pas pensé aux sites de vente en écrivant l'article, mais c'est vrai que ce sont une excellente source d'inspiration ! J'aime beaucoup YesStyle parce que leurs vêtements sont toujours proposés dans des tenues et je trouve génial !

  6. Je n'avais pas pensé à la façon différente d'assortir des pièces, je vais faire un peu plus attention…
    Yep, magnifiques tenues de la part de Pauline ! 😉

  7. Ouiii :). Je viens d'essayer et c'est vachement bien
    Lance toi dans la danse hihi ça peut que faire du bien 🙂
    Mdr je suis rassurée je suis pas la seule

    Bisous 🙂

  8. I LOVE this post! Thanks for the suggestions on where to look for outfit inspiration. I usually just default to other bloggers or Pinterest. Going to check out your other suggestions too. With you on the comment about "too professional" bloggers, fun inspiration, but I like to see things I can actually wear too, right?!? …Love your style! xx-Shan http://www.gaminestripes.com

  9. I loved this post! So accurate to be getting your style inspo from the internet and just by observing people on the street! Instagram has definitely given me some serious style tips. Don't get me wrong, I'm most comfy in jeans, my Adidas Superstars and a T, but it's always fun to switch it up and keep it exciting!

    xo NM



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