“I’m scared of ordering on YesStyle”

“I’m scared of ordering on YesStyle” is something I often hear, whether it’s on my blog posts, videos or direct messages. Today, as your “YesStyle master”, I’ll guide you through everything you need to know about this Asian website : quality, shipping time, custom fees and bonuses!

how to shop on yesstyle guide fashion blogger swiss

Quality of beauty products

This topic is first in line, because it’s the most straight-forward. There’s no fake brands, dangerous substance, or whatsoever. YesStyle is an authorized retailer of all brands found in their beauty category. Some of these are even sold in Sephora or are actually European. I’ve been ordering their beauty products for ages, so don’t worry!

Quality of clothing & co

The quality of clothing, shoes and bags are like the curate’s egg, it’s good in parts. Why? The selection of brands is huuuuge which makes it harder to have cues about high-quality items. To help you, I made a blog post about how to shop for clothes on Asian websites, you should check it out! The most important things to look for are : measurements and reviews. Oh, on a side note, most clothes will have a distinct odor, just give them a good wash and it’ll disappear.

Shipping time

“How long does it takes to receive my package?” It actually depends on the availability of your item. “Ships within 24 hours” – “ships within 7 to 14 days” – “ships within 21 days” represents the time stamps for the merchandises to arrive in YesStyle’s depot. From there, the package is shipped and will get into your mailbox two weeks later.

how to shop on yesstyle guide fashion blogger swiss

Custom fees

Let’s talk about an irritating topic : custom fees. If you live in Switzerland, there’s a solution to avoid these. However, if you’re in another country, I don’t have enough information (sorry). In Switzerland, you’re charged only if the total value (items + shipping) is over CHF 62. So here is the YesStyle strategy you need to adopt : you get free shipping for orders over CHF 35 and custom fees for orders over CHF 62. Which means, your order needs to be between CHF 35 and CHF 62. If you’d like to order for a higher amount, then make multiples orders, that’s what I always do!

Loyalty points

YesStyle has a loyalty programme where you earn “Stylebucks”. The higher the points, the higher the ranking (bronze, silver and gold). Each rank gives specific discounts or coupons. Earning Stylebucks is easy : $1 = 1 Stylebucks. But if you write a review on a purchased product, you get 1 review = 100 Stylebucks. With only 10 reviews you become a gold member and therefore, enjoy 10% off the entire website at all times (trust me, it makes a huge difference).

Free gifts

The YesStyle team offers daily free gifts with any order. Not everybody knows about these, so here’s the process : go to the YesStyle home page and click on the blue “daily free gift” button – then you’ll see what the gift is – go to their Instagram and find the corresponding picture – look for the code in the caption – write the code on the YesStyle website – add the item to your shopping cart – and it’ll become free!

My YesStyle shopping guide is now complete! I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll feel a bit more reassured when ordering there. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask! Until next time, let’s meet on Instagram!

✎ My question for you is : Have you ever shopped on YesStyle ?


  1. I did not know about the free gifts thing ! That blue tab gets hidden by a bar very fast and is hard to click on so I never paid attention to it. I have missed out on 11 gifts ! Well now I know. But I’m kinda planning on calming down with the orders from now on because I got so much stuff already and I’ve been making my skin pretty angry, so boohoo.

  2. How to u do ship to switzerland when they dont ship it here?

    I have asked so many times and they still dont ship it here T.T

  3. Hey!
    first of all, thank u for this, it really helped me alot.:) But I still have a question; if I choose the “standard” shipping, is the shipping time 2 weeks? And If I choose the quicker one it comes even faster? I need it fast and dont know which one to choose. (bc there is a quit big price difference….)

    have a great day!<3


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