The coupon code finder

I’m sure we’ve all done this: looking at the coupon code space and convince yourself you’ll find something in the abyss of the internet. How does it end? No coupon code and time lost… If this sounds familiar, there is a little tool you should try!

Since a year or so, I’ve been using a “coupon code finder”: it automatically finds coupon codes for you! Oh yes, you’re not dreaming… It’s called Wanteeed. How does it work? It’s actually a browser extension (made for Firefox, Chrome and Safari) which tries lots of coupons until the best one is found. It doesn’t work every time, but it’s a useful tool to have. When there are no coupon code available, you might have a “cash back option” where you get a % of your order back! → Here is a quick tutorial to understand how to use it (thanks to my cat for helping me)!

Because it’s a french extension, it mostly works on french or international websites… Here is my advice for Swiss people: if you can ship your packages to a French address, always check if the french version of the website has coupon codes, you never know right ?!



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