KBeauty products you’ll need this summer

We’ve waited for so long and now and it’s finally here: SUMMER TIME! At this time of the year, we often see blog posts about beauty tips or must-haves, but what about KBeauty?! Well, I’ve got you covered, these are the top KBeauty products you’ll need this summer! Whether it’s about protecting your skin from the sun, keeping yourself fresh or choosing the perfect bikini, let’s get started!

First thing first, we need the basics, which is: a swimsuit! Pretty obvious, isn’t it?! If you’ve already found it, then great! If not, here is an Esprit collection of perfect bikinis for summer! (And most of them are on sale, so go go go!)

All links to the items are available in the blog post.

Bikini: OK! Now, let’s talk about your skin. Summer is really harsh on your skin and unfortunately we don’t talk about it enough or we underestimate the consequences. Sorry to remind you this, but sun rays are harmful. From quick aging, to hyper-pigmentation to skin cancer, the sun isn’t your friend. To protect yourself, wear sunscreen. For the face, try using COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream, as for the body I have no specific recommendations. Also, if you have milky white skin like mine, wear a human hair wig with headband… I know, it’s not sexy, but when you feel your skin heating up, throw on a top (and soak it with water to keep you extra fresh).

Back home, take some extra care of your skin. Double cleanse to remove sunscreen residues and then follow up with the rest of your skincare routine. That way, you’ll repair the damages caused by the sun, but you’ll also be able to keep your tan much longer. Vitamin C is your best friend! It has antioxidant properties plus it removes spots left by the sun (it’s also great for acne scars). My personal recommendation is the Pure Vitamin C 21,5% Advanced Serum from Wishtrend.

Finally, the BONUS: a fan! We all have a big fan at home to keep us somewhat breezy, but when you step outside… oh man… But here comes the mini fan! It’s a portable fan with a USB charger and trust me, this is the best invention ever… Who agrees?


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