My top 3 fashion shops

Shopping is my passion. Well not to this point but almost. Shopping is fun and even better when done with your partner in crime (poke Naoyumi). When looking for clothes, I realized I was often going to the same shops, some more famous than others. So why not sharing my favourites? Tell me, which ones are yours?


Starting with an old one. A few years ago, it was the only website I was shopping on. My entire closet was full of clothing from YesStyle. Yes, it’s an Asian website, but before you run away : quality and professionalism are taken very seriously. Nowadays, this is the place where I buy most of my cosmetics. ➥ Read my shopping guide here.

bomber is from YesStyle

YesStyle 123

YesStyle 456


I knoooow, you read about it everywhere! Even though I ordered there once and the rest was only collaborations, I still do enjoy their range of clothes and quality. This is the true paradise for any fashionistas : lots of trendy items and tons of swimsuits! ➥ Read my shopping guide here.

entire outfit is from Zaful 

Zaful 123
Zaful 456
If you don’t live in Switzerland, I’m not sure if you already heard about it… I recently discovered it was actually a Swiss brand… A few years ago, the selection was not that good, very much teen-oriented and nothing really wearable for young adults. But now, they’re doing an amazing job and I love shopping there!

pants are from Tally Weijl


Tally Weijl 123
Tally Weijl 345
  1. Je n'ai jamais commandé sur aucun de ces sites, à tester donc 😉 Mais pas pour l'instant, avec tous mes voyages prévus mes comptes sont à sec!

  2. Ah oui ? C'était sur quel vêtement et quel type de défaut ? Ca m'intéresse pour pouvoir avertir aussi les autres qui lisent 🙂

    Jusqu'à maintenant, ça a toujours été un sans faute pour moi ! (juste faire attention aux tailles !)

  3. Eh ben j'ai pris le n. 6 de ton article et un maillot de bain, mais j'ai pas encore reçu… ça prend du temps à arriver ? j'ai commandé le 1 juillet.. 🙁

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