My thoughts about Valentine’s Day

Are you ready for your social medias to get overwhelmed by Valentine’s Day memes? V-Day is the best occasion to be talking about self-love! ♥ Around the 14th of February, the Internet is full of people complaining because they’re alone. But is it that bad to be single?

valentine's day thoughts inspiration single valentine's day thoughts inspiration single

It’s an opportunity to work on yourself : learning to love yourselfbecoming comfortable being by yourself growing into a better version of yourself. It actually allows you to put aside some time to figure out who you are and find things you always wanted to do. You’ll be able to develop yourself and become more mature : you’ll know your flaws and values. Think differently about being single and learn how to be passionate about life.
I will end it here with a video suggestion “Break-ups are a good thing“. I know, it might not be appropriate since we’re celebrating lovers, but it’s an amazing life lesson! Thanks Woojong!

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