My shopping experience with Zaful

We are starting the day with a collaboration featuring Zaful for a new outfit. I was recently contacted by the website and asked to try their shop. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity! I got to choose two items and I made an order for myself as well in order to really try Zaful and write a blog post with my final thoughts.

Bomber Zaful* • Shirt Mango • Shorts Mango • Shoes H&M • Watch Calvin Klein
Rings BornPrettyStore* (Cat ring & Rhinestone ring)

This is what surprised me the most : usually this type of websites (affordable&fashionable) sell clothing whose fabrics are really thin or so creasable. However, I have to say that I was impressed by the quality from Zaful. The bomber jacket is really thick and is nicely stitched without threads or whatsoever that weren’t cut. In the order that I made for myself, I bought a white jumpsuit and it’s perfectly made too.
Something I always repeat when shopping online : measurements! I also received a cactus set (a top and a pair of shorts) in size S, however the bottom was clearly not a small size. Same goes for a bikini that I bought which didn’t fit right. Note that I rarely find swimwear that fits my body type… Trustfully, I didn’t check any of the measurements beforehand so I’m at fault. Keep in mind that they tend to size a bit big. And of course, don’t do the same mistake as I did and be ultra careful with the measurements!

*Items kindly given by the brands


  1. hello!
    on m'a dit que Zaful était effectivement pas mal et j'en vois de plus en plus chez les blogueuses et je dois avouer que c'est canoon! super ton look ma belle!
    gros bisous!

  2. Oh, I've always been pretty freaked out about buying anything online, especially clothes. I think its because whenever I go clothes shopping in a regular store, I usually end up picking 2 sizes to take with me to the fitting room. So if I can't figure out my size in a store, how much less online right?

    Love the bomber!

    Mimi | According to Mimi


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