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Korean lenses on Loveshoppingholics : review (!website is dead)

Korean lenses on Loveshoppingholics : review (!website is dead)

(!website is dead)

From natural lenses, to colorful or cosplay lenses. You can find Korean lenses on Loveshoppingholics, a website which mostly offers circle lenses. The shop also have a selection of KBeauty products.

I got sent one pair of lenses. It didn’t take a lot of time to find my perfect match. My choice went to the “Pofee QLO 7 Pink Violet” lenses : a gorgeous purple, pink and green design with a galaxy effect.

As soon as they came in the mail, I decided to do a crash test, then write my full review about the Korean lenses on Loveshoppingholics. The package was from Germany and it took about two weeks. I got my lenses for free, but the prices on the website are correct and corresponding to other circle lens shops. Same goes for the shipping fees that are around $5.

The package had a Christmas theme : a bit early but still cute. It came in a little pouch, with a lens case and two bottles that contain one lens each. Note that it doesn’t come with a cleaning solution, you’ll have to buy one before wearing your lenses.

Swipe right to see the design.
Pofee QLO 7 Pink Violet

The design was a bit disturbing at first, but I quickly got used to it. The design looks exactly as what was portrayed on the website (except I have lighter eyes than the model). Comfort-wise, I’m a daily lens user and I’ve never had any irritation. Same goes for this pair.

If you’d like, the lenses can be adapted to your eyesight. For each eye, you can choose the degree of correction each 0.5. For example, I had to go up to 0.25 from my original correction, but I didn’t notice any difference. If it’s something that really bothers you, other websites offer a more precise correction.

My final thoughts are : I absolutely love the design and they’re comfortable to wear. People often comment about them. I recommend shopping for Korean lenses on Loveshoppingholics. Of course, I only tried one pair of lenses, but so far, it’s pretty great!

If you speak french, you can find my full unboxing and review below.


  1. Personally, I hated my lenses, but it wasn’t the question of beauty but vision, I couldn’t see without glasses or lenses. One day I decided to make a laser operation and my life has changed completely.


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