Klenspop circle lens review

Klenspop Circle Lens : my final thoughts


I recently got myself a new passion… Right after cats, street wear & sexy clothes, hair coloring, it’s time for: CIRCLE LENSES! More specifically: Klenspop Circle lens. A few months ago, I was looking for colored lenses and a YouTuber friend (poke Magiiical Kitty) introduced me to the heaven of circle lenses, aka Klenspop.

This blog post will briefly cover my shopping experience on the Klenspop website, the design of the lenses and if they’re comfortable or not. If you still didn’t get it, Klenspop sells colored lenses at very affordable prices. Prices start from $8 to $50. The selection is huge, but what I loved the most is that: you can choose your exact correction for both eyes! That’s pretty cool, isn’t it ?!

Klenspop circle lens review
Wearing Klenspop gray lenses

I placed two orders. In the first order, one pair of lenses was out of stock, so I was refunded. Then in the second order, another pair of lenses was no longer available… I was also refunded, but this time, they offered me a pair of lenses as a gift. Despite these availability issues, the customer service was quick and competent.

You’ve got mail! I received my orders pretty quickly (~2 weeks). The shipping fees to Switzerland are affordable (around $5). It comes in a small enveloppe/box, with the lenses individually packed in a glass bottle. Plus you get a lens container as well as a lens gripper and a product to take care of your lenses. Which means that even if you’re not a lens wearer, you’ll have everything for free in order to take care of them.


Swipe right to see Klenspop circle lens.
Gray lenses | Green lenses | Blue lenses | Purple lenses | Pink lenses

Up to there, we’re good! So now, how to they look? Actually, it was the first time I wore colored contact lenses, but now I can tell what I do and don’t like. This is purely my personal preferences… When the diameters is too big (+14.5mm), it doesn’t really look good on me because it gives an “alien look” to my eyes. Same thing when the boundary between the center of the eyes and the color is too sharp, it doesn’t look natural… Nevertheless, the gray and blues lenses are right up my alley: perfect size and subtle transition between colors!

Then, the questions everybody is asking: are Klenspop Circle Lenses comfortable? Yes! I’m already a daily lens wearer and I usually do not have any problems or discomfort due to my clear lenses. These colored lenses are comfortable, even when worn more than 10 hours. Doesn’t hurt my eyes, doesn’t hurt my head and I can see clearly. The only thing I can point out is that during the last hours of the day, I feel them in my eyes. Other than that, they’re comfortable!

That was it for my Klenspop Circle Lens review! I also made crash-test video about these (in french). If you like this kind of test, I also wrote a similar blog post about lingerie on YesStyle, click here. Take care and happy shopping!

✎ My question for you is : Are you a circle lens wearer?

  1. Buyer beware! The GEO lens they sell are non-authentic. They claim that the packages are different due to “Export version”, but I have contacted GEO company located in Korea and they have confirmed the lenses Klenspop selling are replica lens, The company GEO said they will have the law department investigate this issue.

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