I can’t find swimsuits that fit me!

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes – this is what makes our world so beautiful. However, it becomes much less attractive when looking for a swimsuit that actually fits. There is tons of stores who only offer regular sizes and if you don’t match the standards, then good luck.


swimsuit plus petite size summer trend swiss fashion bloggerI’m always on the lookout for brands who have petite and plus sizes. Even big names such as Victoria Secret don’t have much of a big range when it comes to smaller or bigger sizes. We’re talking a lot about body positive movements, but why can’t brands follow?
Bikini shopping is a real struggle, right? Whenever I stumble across a brand that actually offers petite and plus size, I can’t do anything but share it to the world. Have you ever heard about Adore Me? They’re committed to deliver perfect-fitting lingerie, yes, I said, perfect-fitting. And yes, they do keep their promise because they offer petite and plus sizes. To get a quick overview, I made a short selection of gorgeous swimsuits – and if you’d like to see more styles : here are the swimsuits page and the plus size page!

swimsuit plus petite size summer trend swiss fashion blogger

swimsuit plus petite size summer trend swiss fashion blogger


Side note : they only ship to the US, Canada and Australia, but let’s hope for a worldwide shipping soon! If you’re lucky enough to live in these countries, here is a discount code for you : SWIMSET10 for $10 off (valid on swimwear category only, expires 2017-12-31, valid with: VIP and PAYG orderscoupon code)!


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