When it’s OK to wear sweatpants in the streets: look, tips & selection

Sweatpants are the must when it comes to comfort, but the worst when it comes to fashion. You might already know this quote: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”  by Karl Largerfeld. Well, if you’re a true fashionista, you know how to rock those sweatpants like a queen and even in the streets!

TIPS and SELECTION are below! ↓↓

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Let’s start with a basic rule: not all sweatpants are made for the outside world. Some of them are better worn as pajamas in your comfy home. With this being said, let’s get going with “How to style sweatpants?

  1. Avoid the baggy cut

    This is probably the most important point (and the first – so you remember it!). It’s really easy to look slouchy and the best way to avoid it is to choose sweatpants that have a specific cut: a tight fit around the calves/ankles area or a straight cut with a fluid texture (see selection below).

  2. Break the style

    In order to break the “sweatpants vibe”, you’ll have to pair them with clothes that have a complete different style such as: classic, rock, cute, … For example, add a leather jacket for the edge and a lace top for a feminine touch (see look above).

  3. Choose black or neutral colours

    Keeping it to basics prevents many fashion faux pas : neutral colours are much easier to style! Black will lessen the baggy look given by the sweatpants, because it makes you appear slimmer. Once you’re comfortable, why not go bolder?


how to style sweatpants selection1 || 2 || 3 || 4

how to style sweatpants selection5 || 6 || 7 || 8

Side note: If you like wearing sweatpants at home or in the street without caring about fashion, go ahead!


  1. I love the trackpant and sweatpant trend. Great tips and I love how you styled yours. Since I like the gym and used to be a jock though, I always like to weear mine with heels. For some reason when I wear trainers, I want to start running or bouncing. lol Stops my embarassment in public.



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