How to schedule when you’re a blogger? (+free tools inside)

If blogging is an activity you take seriously and your objective is to create quality content regularly, you’ll need the help of a few tools. Unlike what most people think, having a blog is very time consuming. Writing about something you enjoy doesn’t change the fact that hard work is needed. I’m currently a communication intern while doing a master’s degree in digital marketing & communication as well as helping small structures with their medias (not to mention my actual social life is close to zero – but I have a cat so that’s fine). All these activities required me to plan ahead and use tools to make it easier.

how to schedule when blogger tools digital marketing tips

Start by planning all of the posts you’d like to write during the upcoming month. To know which days you should upload your content and therefore reach a majority of your readers, take a look at your page views of the previous month in Google Analytics (how to install? WordPress & Blogger) as well as which kind of content was the most liked. Now you’re aware of when and what to produce. Finalising your writings in advance helps having a clearer view. To have all of your posts ready to be published, use the scheduling tool your blog platform offers you.


Promoting your new blog posts with tweets, Facebook posts or Google+ can quickly become confusing : where did I post and what? That’s why there is Buffera tool which helps schedule your social media posts all in one place. It allows you to review your promotional content, the visual, the message you’d like to share to the world.



Instagram is the place to be if you’re a fashion blogger and the truth is : we’re all obsessed by our feed. I want a consistent feed with pictures that goes well next to each other – that’s basically me. What about you? Preview is an app that allows you to preview your Instagram feed, simply drag and drop to change the order, write the caption and use the hashtags’ suggestions. It’s such a well-made app that will make your life much easier. Prepare your picture with its caption and hashtags, then hit publish!

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