I tried Colorista on brown hair

I’m really late to the party, but I’ve been wanting to try Colorista semi-permanent hair color for ages! However, when you have brown hair, the selection of colors is quite frustrating, isn’t it? Nevertheless, I decided to try a color which was recommended only to blond hair : LILAC. My intention was to see how pastel colors would look on brown hair.

The process went really smoothly. I asked my mom to help me with the application, but it would be really easy to do it alone. The product itself had a nice smell and the tube is reclosable, which means you don’t need to use it all up in one time.

colorista lilac brown hair swiss fashion blogger

TIME FOR RESULTS! As you can see in the pictures below, the lilac turned into violine. My hair were darkened and I got purple highlights. The end result is subtle but I like it! Plus it made my green eyes pop up quite strongly! The downside was the staying power : the color completely washed off after one shampoo, when it’s supposed to last two weeks.

colorista lilac brown hair swiss fashion blogger colorista lilac brown hair swiss fashion blogger

Hair dye is similar to drugs : when you start again, you won’t be able to stop easily. But what I love about semi-permanent products, is that you can try lots of different colours! That’s why I did a quick search to find new colorations which only last a few days and work on darker hair! I ordered a few on YesStyle and here is the result of a pink coloration (video in french).



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