Born Pretty Store shopping guide

You’ve probably heard a lot about Born Pretty Store : a website which sells various items from jewelry to nail art. Indeed they do partnerships with lots of bloggers (including me) to promote their shop. My goal of today is to share my honest review and guide you on how to shop on Born Pretty Store.
As for my relationship with Born Pretty Store, I know them since a few years now. I used to buy lots of nail art materials and then I worked with the team on the jewelry promotion part during the time I had my first blog. Now I’m still working hand in hand with them on this blog.

The pictures shown along the blog post are from the most recent order I got to make on the website. Plus if you look closely at my outfits of the day, you’ll see that I’m wearing lots of accessories from the shop. An important reminder is that I only tried the nail art and jewelry parts of the website, so my review is only focused on these.
An other relevant thing to mention is that I made orders as a blogger but also for myself, as a result the quality and service was always the same. You’re not benefitting from the fact that you’re an influencer or not.
When it comes to jewelry, I would say that the quality is exactly the same as H&M or Zara but for a much lower price. Of course, some items will oxidize or break over the time because they are fashion accessories. However I would rather spend $2 than $15 on a necklace that will only last me for a season. But it doesn’t mean you can’t find real gems! I have items that I’m still wearing and that last me for ages…
Considering nail art items, they sell the best I ever tried! Whenever I’m in the mood to get creative on my nails, I go to Born Pretty Store. The choice is gigantic and the prices are so attractive. I’ve never been disappointed or had any issue with the nail decorations. I would recommend 100%.

It takes around 3 weeks for you to receive your package. The shipping is free : relax, make your order and forget about it! You’ll get a nice surpise a few weeks later in your mail box. If you’re afraid that it will break, don’t be! It’s nicely wrapped (sometimes a bit too much) so that your items are secure.
This is a point I’m really picky about especially when it comes to inexpensive websites. Nail art wise, I had absolutely no issue, perfect. On the jewelry side however, some items do have a slight difference compared to the picture. For example the loop that holds the pendant of a necklace might be bigger in real life that in the picture (that’s the difference I usually spot). 
Other than that, the pictures are true to the item (note that sometimes the gold can be more yellow in reality). Be sure to always check the consumers’ images to see what the jewelry looks like. If you click on the link of my blog’s pictures, you’ll see how they are presented on the website, that way you can get your own idea of the products.

I’m now wrapping up my Born Pretty Store shopping guide! I do have a COUPON CODE for 10% off : LART10If you want me to try a webiste and do a full review, feel free to tell me in the comments! I’ve already written my thoughts about YesStyle and Zaful (click on the name) if you’re interested…


  1. Quels jolis bijoux ! C'est sûr que pour le prix ça en vaut la peine d'acheter chez eux 🙂
    Oh c'est le rouge à lèvres bleu de UD ? *-* Il est magnifique !!

  2. Oui, c'est pour ça que j'ai arrêté d'acheter chez H&M par exemple parce que la qualité est la même mais alors le prix est bien différent !
    Yes ! C'est bien les deux RAL bleus que j'avais pris !

  3. thanks for the honest guide! I still have some jewelries from my collaboration with BPS a few years ago, and I still love them. It's always good to know what to watch out for when online shopping!


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