The right way to shop on Asian websites: the ultimate guide

Shopping on Asian websites is so tempting : the price is more than interesting and the choice of clothing is huge compared to our shops. But, nothing is perfect. You might already experienced it: either the best bargain ever or a complete disaster! I rarely get disappointed when shopping and that’s because there are a few rules to follow. Whether you’re shopping on YesStyle, Zaful, Shein, Sammydress, Ebay and so on, I’ll walk you through my guide… How to shop on Asian websites?

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Know what fits and what not

THE most basic rule of online shopping. Online means you can’t try clothes before buying (note: don’t count on return policies with Asian websites). We all have clothes where we always struggle to find the perfect fit: it could be jeans, skirts, dresses… My advice is not to shop these online, because the chances of it ending in a disappointment are much higher!

Stay away from sophisticated clothing

The reason why prices are low is because they minimize costs. Which means: the tissue isn’t top quality, details are left behind and the shape isn’t ideal. Keep this in mind while making your selection! All detailed clothes, designer look-a-like or any item that “has a lot of interesting things going on” have a bigger probability of looking like crap. Stay with basic style.

how to shop asian website tips swiss fashion blogger
Measure your own clothes

Another classic: the size problem. The best way to prevent a bad surprise is: measure your own clothes, then compare with the website’s chart. Measure everything. Especially the length. By doing that, you’ll know what length a dress should have for you to feel comfortable in, or how broad should the shoulders be, etc. Don’t underestimate this step by only looking at the M, S, XS ! Asian sizes are different than ours!

Be careful of white

The title couldn’t be clearer. White tends to be transparent. If this isn’t the style you’re going for, then avoid any white clothing. Even if it doesn’t seem sheer in the pictures, it doesn’t mean it isn’t: pictures are often edited.

Look closely at the pictures

First, be sure you spotted all of the item’s details. Second, check if all pictures are the same and if there are any differences between them (it could be as simple as “there is a zipper here but not there”). If you spot differences, then I would suggest not to buying it.

how to shop asian website tips swiss fashion blogger

Be careful of brands

Don’t buy any brands on Asian websites, unless it’s an authorized reseller (example: YesStyle and its beauty products). It’s counterfeit and you risk custom fees. If the logo or part of it are on the item, forget it! However, if it’s an inspiration (it looks a lot like the original but without any logo) then it’s ok.

Yayyy! You finished the ultimate guide of online shopping! You’re now ready to brave all Asian websites! If you’re interested, I have a new serie called “The Ebay outfit: tried & tested” where I buy clothes from Ebay, review and style them. Enjoy!

Little reminder: we all agree you can’t expect designer quality when you pay for a tenth of the price.


  1. Most bloggers either don’t support these sites or they promote them like crazy because they get free stuff. I tried a couple in the very beginning, enticed by the style and prices. But I regretted it. This is a great guide for those who really want to save some money and are ok with low quality clothes.

    xx Yasmin

    • Thanks for commenting!
      I personally had a collaboration with two of them (Zaful & Sammydress), but in my opinion they all work the same way: there is great and bad stuff. 😉
      That’s exactly why I made this guide, to help people find the treasure in these websites!

  2. Coucou ma belle!

    Super article! Très complet et très détaillé!
    Il me fait d’ailleurs pense à L article que j’avais réalisé sur : “Shein, fiable ou pas?”

    J’espère que tu vas bien 🤗

    Pleins de bisous

  3. You help me thank you,
    i want to know i order couple of times from chinese website and the quality of clothes was ok but after that i notice they colored my others clothes, for example i buy from zaful red jacket and it’s stained my white shirt beneath …it’s so bad, i can’t wash this jacket. how to avoide this thingS? thanks

  4. yk you could also jus id maybe


    i mean their there for a reason and if it doesn’t have reviews then dont buy it and if yu really want it dont be surprised if it comes looking cheap


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