Are you a woman too?

No fashion or life motivation today – the topic is much more simple and basic : PERIODS. A subject close to my heart which isn’t enough talked about. As weird as it may sound, I’m passionate about how women bodies work (I might have been a vagina goddess in my past life, who knows?) and of course the theme had to be covered at least once on my blog.

I keep asking myself tons of questions which make me believe there is a serious problem in our society. Why is menstruation still a subject that should be avoided? Why are women taught to be ashamed of themselves? Why do people see periods as unclean? Why do women need to hide their tampon in their hands when going to the bathroom? Why are periods blue instead of red in commercials?  It’s ridiculous to see that even in 2017 the stigma is still there.

We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.
Malala Yousafzai

Periods happen to most women passed a certain age : it’s our bodies’ way to take care of itself, same goes for vaginal discharge. Doesn’t it seem crazy we’re shaming a whole gender only because their body is functioning perfectly? I get it, periods are painful and we would all have a much better time without them, but at least don’t be ashamed. I love the personal mission of Ingrid Nilsen who’s spreading awareness amongst girls around the world. You should watch her video “Your Vagina Matters” and realize how this is a worldwide issue. Let’s start talking about periods around us – that’s the only way to make things change!

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