All about statement socks

What’s trendy right now? Statement socks! Whenever you’re wearing something out of the ordinary, it’s always the same rule that applies : the rest of your outfit should be simple. You’ll allow the socks to speak for themselves while keeping a sophisticated look. Roll-up your jeans, wear open shoes and you’re good to go! I got all my unique socks from Monki in London but unfortunately they don’t ship to Switzerland. If you’re looking for a similar pair as the one I’m wearing, you’ll be able to find it in H&M.


prom gown UK


Today is the best preparation for what tomorrow may bring.
Coat Zara • Turtleneck YesStyle • T-shirt YesStyle • Jeans Mango • Socks Monki
Bag YesStyle • Necklace Ebay • Shoes Dosenbach


I’m wearing Addcolo* hair extensions
*Item kindly given by the brand


  1. Hello hello !
    Merci pour ton commentaire ! 😉
    Les RAL bleus j'adore ! J'aimerai bien avoir plus de couleurs originales, mais parfois ça rend vraiment bizarre entre le teint et les dents… enfin bref !
    Passe une bonne journée !


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