6 healthy habits to improve your lifestyle

2017 didn’t start well. As I’m writing, I’m laying in bed, feeling exhausted but proud to be productive. My ulcerative colitis caused trouble and became uncontrollable since the beginning of the year. My body is slowly adjusting to the medications. For now, I’m taking things bit by bit but each day is a challenge.
While browsing social media, I found lots of people struggling with chronic illnesses and I really wanted to share on the topic. I’ll be raising awareness about invisible illnesses (especially ulcerative colitis and crohn’s) through my posts and sharing my experience to help others. If you’d like me to write about something, feel free to ask.
This new series will start slowly with advice everyone can take. Health is valuable – you realize how important it is once you lose it so please take care of yourself as much as possible. I’ll be sharing below few healthy habits to make your life better (even slightly) because it’s never too late.




A clean space helps clearing your mind, allowing new ideas to come in. Clean, organize and decorate your home and working place – it’s the best starting point to a new healthy lifestyle.


Each time you receive a notification on your phone, you lose focus. Be fully present and concentrate on the moment. You’ll achieve better quality projects in less time.


Total disagreement with the quote “sleep is for the weak”. Sleep is for people who want to succeed. Have a relaxing night routine where you unplug everything off and focus on yourself.


Never forget to take care of yourself especially when life is getting hectic. We only have one body and it’s the temple of our mind. Take a bath, read a book, meditate, pet your cat – slow down and enjoy your quality time.


Never stop creating. Look for topics you’re interested in, follow artists, stare at beautiful pictures, read quotes, have dreams. Even the simplest things are forms of creation and self-expression.


Even when you’ve hit a low, always be thankful. You won the lotto by being given life, make something out of it. Each hardship is a step closer to success.
You won the lotto of the universe, which is :
you’re a human being on earth.
Gary Vaynerchuk
READING SUGGESTION : “I enjoy my own company




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