Where to find the perfect (&instagramable) ring sets?

How can an Instagram picture be more perfect than with tons of rings? We all agree it looks amazing and is the holy grail of fashionistas. But where to find these without breaking the bank? It seems like the more rings you have, the more stylish it is. Buying rings might also mean loosing them so let's quickly spare...

Crop & lace : Coachella?

The wind was blowing and I was so ready to spend my afternoon in the hot baths of Lavey-les-Bains, but first : blogger time! I can't lie, the weather was freaking cold, but the devoted blogger that I am still took the time for some outfits shots. On Instagram (@furiouslychic), I often do unboxing and you might have spotted...

How to wear a statement piece?

Wearing a statement piece might be intimidating. How should I wear it? Does it go with anything I own? Do I need to be a pro fashion blogger to be styling it? Wearing a bold piece is much easier than you think. And the bonus is : it makes your outfit much more sophisticated without even trying. So what...

Advice on fighting fatigue for #spoonies

I guess you clicked on the link to hopefully find the miracle solution to fight fatigue. Unfortunately, I'm not a magician (yet). If you're living with chronic illness, you know that when fatigue kicks in, even the smallest tasks seem unachievable. The only thing I can do to help today, is share some tips I use when I really...

Spring trend : wearing a bra as a top?

Wearing bras as tops? As weird as it may sound, this is actually a 2017 spring trend. The look recently started to pop up on fashion blogs and we can see lots of blogger owning the style. Honestly, it might not be the easier trend to follow, that's why I'm sharing my take on it. If you've been following...

When cat meets fashion – a cat lady selection

If you recognized yourself in the title, welcome here! I’m glad we share the same obsession: cute cats. I don’t know about you, but each time I see an item, some clothes or even jewellery which features our favourite fluffy animal: I just can’t resist. Aaaaannd because we’re good friend and we understand each other, I selected pieces that...

Losing control

Last week, I was talking about the ups and downs of my health. There is something else I'd like to share and ask if anyone can relate to that : losing control of your time. Unfortunately, when chronically sick, you have to go through a lot. But these past few weeks seemed like daily pain and fatigue weren't enough...