You can’t miss it

Zaful is on every fashion blog & Instagram account, but would you like to try it? I have something quite interesting for you... Zaful's anniversary is right around the corner and they're coming up with lots of events! I selected the best deals of June and they're all listed here. ➠ Stay tune for the giveaway at the end!   ✓ COUPONS Lots...

Bloggers & collaborations (+ advice for newbies)

Yes - bloggers get sent free stuff, but how does it work? Whether you're simply curious or looking for information, keep reading! Coming next : collaborations - how and why & advice for newbies! Until now, I got to work on two types of collaborations. First one : you get sent items for free and promote them your platforms. It's...

Spring fashion 2017 : the sheer trend (outfit idea + where to shop)

Fishnet tights, pink or stripes, floral patterns, off-shoulder tops... and the list goes on. Each season, we discover or rediscover fashion. But today, let's focus on the "sheer/see-through" trend. I'm sure most of you have noticed this is my favourite by faaaaar. I seriously wish I could wear this style over and over, but sometimes, restrictions applies - work for...

The blue door (or not)

You know what? I really want to believe spring is here. The weather seems great so far but I'm pretty sure we will see clouds and rain soon in Switzerland. Ok. I should stop sending negative vibes... Oh! Have you ever noticed when we don't have much to say/write, we talk about weather? (not saying I have nothing to...

What’s on trend this season? (+where to find inspiration)

Spring trends, summer trends, fall trends & winter trends... That's for sure, fashion moves quickly and new styles keep coming over and over. But then you ask yourself : "what's on trend this season?" The answer might be hard to get, isn't it? Between new collections in shops or online, outfits of bloggers and fashion shows - it's easy...

Where to find the perfect (&instagramable) ring sets?

How can an Instagram picture be more perfect than with tons of rings? We all agree it looks amazing and is the holy grail of fashionistas. But where to find these without breaking the bank? It seems like the more rings you have, the more stylish it is. Buying rings might also mean loosing them so let's quickly spare...

Crop & lace : Coachella?

The wind was blowing and I was so ready to spend my afternoon in the hot baths of Lavey-les-Bains, but first : blogger time! I can't lie, the weather was freaking cold, but the devoted blogger that I am still took the time for some outfits shots. On Instagram (@furiouslychic), I often do unboxing and you might have spotted...