Playsuit and cats (of course)

Swiss fashion blogger cat summer outfit combi short
While visiting the beautiful French town of Colmar, I took the opportunity to get some pictures for a new look! Just before shooting time, we went to the "Montagne des singes", which is a huge park with monkeys where you can walk while they're basically living their life. And the fun part is: you can feed them! It's adorable...

The coupon code finder

I'm sure we've all done this: looking at the coupon code space and convince yourself you'll find something in the abyss of the internet. How does it end? No coupon code and time lost... If this sounds familiar, there is a little tool you should try! Since a year or so, I've been using a "coupon code finder": it automatically...

40 bras: huge selection

best bras selection lingerie summer sample piece swiss fashion blogger 001
Bras are one of my favourite things to shop for! In my opinion, regular bras/bralettes can quickly become a bit boring, that's why I love looking for statement pieces. Here is a selection of 40 bras that caught my eyes. Also check out Aerie's sales because there're some great deals! I already have my eyes on a few H&M...

Wearing silver and rocking it

Last weekend, I was travelling to the South of France : a place I really enjoy and that brings back lots of memories of my childhood. My parents used to have a boat and sometimes navigate around the area. You might have seen some pictures if you follow me on Instagram, but it's such a gorgeous location. Anyway, such...

An all white look

Dear user of the Internet, here is how my week went... Something I realized this week was : having a passion isn't always easy. Last Sunday was my birthday, I slept almost all day but it was an enjoyable time! Unfortunately the following days where much harder, both emotionally and physically. You might have noticed I was less active around here, and that's...

My top 3 fashion shops

Shopping is my passion. Well not to this point but almost. Shopping is fun and even better when done with your partner in crime (poke Naoyumi). When looking for clothes, I realized I was often going to the same shops, some more famous than others. So why not sharing my favourites? Tell me, which ones are yours? YESSTYLE Starting with an...

T-shirts that will make you laugh (look & selection)

"No bra club", "Never not hungry" or even "Kanye attitude with Drake feelings", all of these are funny sayings and even better if printed on a top. A simple sentence and a t-shirt make the perfect gift : whether it's for someone who comes to your mind or simply for yourself. This is the best way to complete an...