My most feline selection by Karl Lagerfeld

blog karl lagerfeld selection swiss fashion blogger cat lover
You know what?! Karl Lagerfeld and I are friends. It's pretty easy : we're both a bit crazy but first and foremost, we are head over heels for cats! His designs are made of everything I like : cats, sparkles & black. I recently ordered my first bag from the brand on Zalando and I really wanted to show...

I tried Colorista on brown hair

colorista lilac brown hair swiss fashion blogger
I'm really late to the party, but I've been wanting to try Colorista semi-permanent hair color for ages! However, when you have brown hair, the selection of colors is quite frustrating, isn't it? Nevertheless, I decided to try a color which was recommended only to blond hair : LILAC. My intention was to see how pastel colors would look...

KPop-style jewelry

kpop style jewelry happiness boutique swiss fashion blogger
Fashion and KPop : one can't go without the other. Who never thought girls' bands had such a mind-blowing style, where the only thing you can say is "wow"?! When it comes to jewelry, they usually wear bold pieces and what's even more surprising is: it always goes perfectly with their look. Sonja from Happiness Boutique contacted me a few...

Blazers get sophisticated: look & selection

blazer sophisticated military-swiss-fashion blogger kpop korean
I recently got into what I call a "sophisticated blazer vibe", the best way to describe it would be a mix between chic, rebel and edgy. To put it simply, "wow" is the only way to illustrate such a piece. Unfortunately for me (and maybe for you), I don't own any of these amazing blazers but I plan on...

The right way to shop on Asian websites: the ultimate guide

how to shop asian website tips swiss fashion blogger
Shopping on Asian websites is so tempting : the price is more than interesting and the choice of clothing is huge compared to our shops. But, nothing is perfect. You might already experienced it: either the best bargain ever or a complete disaster! I rarely get disappointed when shopping and that's because there are a few rules to follow....

When it’s OK to wear sweatpants in the streets: look, tips & selection

how to style sweatpants swiss fashion blogger
Sweatpants are the must when it comes to comfort, but the worst when it comes to fashion. You might already know this quote: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”  by Karl Largerfeld. Well, if you're a true fashionista, you know how to rock those sweatpants like a queen and...

New serie! The Ebay outfit: tried & tested

ebay outfit swiss fashion blogger faux leather jacket blue lace playsuit
Ordering clothes on Ebay is either a big success or a gigantic fail. This shopping website can seem a bit confusing at first: lots of items from Asia, many sellers and differences in prices... so what should you buy? In this new serie, I decided to put together looks with clothes from Ebay and share my thoughts. When ordering, I...