Korean lenses on Loveshoppingholics : review

korean lenses on loveshoppingholics review
From natural lenses, to colorful or cosplay lenses. You can find Korean lenses on Loveshoppingholics, a website which mostly offers circle lenses. The shop also have a selection of KBeauty products. I got sent one pair of lenses. It didn't take a lot of time to find my perfect match. My choice went to the "Pofee QLO 7 Pink Violet"...

KBeauty products you’ll need this summer

kbeauty products you'll need this summer korean beauty routine
We've waited for so long and now and it's finally here: SUMMER TIME! At this time of the year, we often see blog posts about beauty tips or must-haves, but what about KBeauty?! Well, I've got you covered, these are the top KBeauty products you'll need this summer! Whether it's about protecting your skin from the sun, keeping yourself...

Klenspop Circle Lens : my final thoughts

Klenspop circle lens review
I recently got myself a new passion... Right after cats, street wear & sexy clothes, hair coloring, it's time for: CIRCLE LENSES! More specifically: Klenspop Circle lens. A few months ago, I was looking for colored lenses and a YouTuber friend (poke Magiiical Kitty) introduced me to the heaven of circle lenses, aka Klenspop. This blog post will briefly cover...

I tried lingerie on YesStyle

I tried lingerie on yesstyle try on push up haul
I'm a regular shopper, however I never thought of buying lingerie on YesStyle. I always feared that the items would have a very poor quality and that the sizing would be completely random. But I was wrong. If you have a small chest and like delicate push-ups, then keep reading! Honey Kiss Set: Lettering Cross Strap Bra + Panty First,...

“I’m scared of ordering on YesStyle”

how to shop on yesstyle guide fashion blogger swiss
"I'm scared of ordering on YesStyle" is something I often hear, whether it's on my blog posts, videos or direct messages. Today, as your "YesStyle master", I'll guide you through everything you need to know about this Asian website : quality, shipping time, custom fees and bonuses! Quality of beauty products This topic is first in line, because it's the most...

Brandy Melville opening & bubble teas

brand melville opening manor vevey swiss fashion blogger
Last Saturday, I went to the grand opening of the new Brand Melville corner in Manor* Vevey, along with three other influencers. We got the chance to discover the brand and walk through the selection of clothes available in the shop. Brandy Melville is well known for having great basics and I couldn't agree more! I found tons of...

Look-ing back at 2017

airport fashion look kpop london blogger style fashion outfit of the day
2017 has been a very busy year! In between my master degree's and my internships, I had to set time aside for content creation. It wasn't always easy to balance between the two... When looking back at all of these shots, I thought they were taken years ago - I didn't realize they weren't that old! I love seeing how...